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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 12, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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(male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. a homicide investigation in the east bay hills wrapping up. more than 12 hours after the body of a male found with gunshot wounds. kron four's philippe djegal spoke with police and tells us where the investigation stands now.
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well it was a huge win for the warriors today beating the san antonio spurs in ot 97 to 87 the fans were pumped up for this one so we sent kron 4's scott rates to the game to show us how those fans celebrated the big win! new orleans mothers day shooting-ots
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gabe slate tech report (cheers & applause) and a it was an amazing victory for the warriors. over time. >> the warriors!. >> we are going to bring it home. >> their werke tonight. >> what was ski? >> the fans! >> what was -- key? >> they came up big. and he had a lot of shots. >> this is the best mother's day gift, ever!
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>> you can see mid-70s in oakland. 78 in san jose. and some a as an antioch. these temperatures, inland. well above-normal. 10 degrees and warmer than average. a change for tomorrow. this live look from the golden gate. fog-free for this evening. it will eventually
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push to the golden gate. and as to go out the night tonight clouds hanging out along the coast. well we could see some sunshine in the afternoon. a strong sea breeze. >> gunfire errupted at a festive parade in new orleans today -- injuring nearly 20 people. now police are on the hunt for the shooters. elizabeth corridan brings us the very latest on the story. if >>reporter: this cell phone video shows the moments following a shooting at an annual mother's day parade in new orleans. hundreds of people were in the crowd. >> everybody just started running and running and we were wondering what was going on and they were shooting.
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>>reporter: 1 >>reporter: police say multiple people were spotted running from 1 were fired. >> it appears that these two or three people, for a reason unknown to us, started shooting at, towards, or in the crowd. it was over in just a couple of seconds. >>reporter: in those couple of seconds, at least 19 people were wounded, including 2 10-year olds. bystanders and neighbors right behind them. i just opened my door today and 2 guys collapsed right down my steps you know and my daughter and i did the best thing we can to revive them. >>reporter: authorities are now asking find the shooters. >> there were hundreds of people out there today, so somebody knows who did this.i'm elizabeth corridan reporting. there are close to 300- thousand children in the state of california whose parents are in prison. for
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mother's day, a local the bus' used 12 buses and drove almost 300 children to the central california women's facility to see their parents for mother's day. kron 4's alecia reid tells us the effect visits like these have on both the prisoners and their children. >> i'm happy to see my mommy. >> i love you. i love you tooit's a blessing a mother's day gift for some of the prisoners at the central california women's facility. many of these parents haven't seen their children in yearsmissing out on an important union and seeing them grow up. >> i thank god that i did something good prior to all thisthey tell me now they think about me every day which i think about them every dayit makes a difference to see them face to face. this face to face mother's day treat is made possible by the organization 'get on the bus' that reunites children with their incarcerated parents. the day starts in the wee hours of the morning, and it's a long day, but all that doesn't matter. embracing and spending time with family is the goal. >> it's awesome, it's
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awesome >> it's good to have them here with's special. it's awesome. >> it's great seeing her >> some people can't afford to come here so although grateful for it there are many happy faces here at chowchilla, and visits like these go a long way. a study by the minnesota department of corrections shows prisoners that receive at least one visit during their incarceration are 25 percent less likely to end up back in prison >> she ain't coming back here. and that's the reason behind these drop ins. without family visits, inmates are 6 times more likely to reoffend. however, visitation equals improved behavior and morale amogst prisoners. it's also therapeutic for the young ones. childrens' worlds are turned upside down when a
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parent is in prison. with visits they are less likely to act up, and their grades increase. >> i'm very happy >> i love her regardless of what any of these women have done, they are still the most important thing in their children's lives. alecia reid kron 4 news. coming up on kron 4 news at 8. brothers of ariel castro speak out about what they did and didn't know went on in his house of terror. and mothers whose children have died from gun violence commemorate a very different mother's day. san franciso's most outrageous footrace is only one week away. we show you how local businesses are getting ready for the big event. every year on mothers day a group of women gather on the steps of san francisco's city hall. city hall. [ female announcer ] the one for all. mcdonald's dollar menu, home of the meaty, melty mcdouble you love... ♪ ...and other amazing tastes, for just a dollar each. ♪ like the bold hot n spicy mcchicken, and the new grilled onion cheddar burger topped with caramelized onions and melted white cheddar.
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we're focusing on the big things so you can enjoy the little things. kaiser permanente. thrive. real big deals of the week. or how to keep from driving all over for the best deals. you don't need to run around. safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. 10 stem bunches are just $5.99. starbucks coffee is $7.77. that's a price you can savor. and honey nut cheerios are just a buck-eighty eight. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. it isn't a time for celebration. it's a time for remembrance and action. these men and women are here
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because they lost their sons and daughters to gun violence. and for them mothers day but it is as she finished my live. >> it is sad. will never be the same. every year they gather and call for a stop to gun violence. they hope that their loss can provide others with the strength to do what's right. and they hope that the politicians in washington d.c. will do their part and make stricter gun laws. par >> the two brothers of ariel castro - the cleveland man
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accused of kidnapping and raping three women he allegedly kept as san francsico's most
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outrageous footrace is only one week away. the bay to breaker's presented by craigslist is set for sunday. kron4's maureen kelly found that businesses near the route are already gearing
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up. we are now 7 days to this year's bay to breakers. moms have many ways to celebrate the day today. coming up, we take you to the san francisco zoo where human moms and their children get in for free to visit animal mothers and their young. while people all over continue to celebrate mothers day. the san francisco zoo opened it's gates and let all mothers and grandmothers in for free -- as long as they many moms spent the day recently had kids together so they can pose for all of stanley roberts was attacked while shooting a people behaving badly story, look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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t to update you on his resting at home. he will be back, and will bring you the story of what happened, along with the video of his but for now, we bring you the best of 'people behaving badly' nats: ambiance no backing forward you will get a bill in the mail it's all electronic welcome to the iconic golden gate bridge which is now 100 percent electronic in other words they don't accept cash now if you want to see what happens wen you switch thing around grab a seat
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becausein't seen nothing yet now the driver is bmw apparently missed the dozens of signs saying do not stop . he stopped and tried to pay cash when that was not an option well he began to back up >> no go forward yes there was a lot of backing up but that's not new to the golden gate bridge it happens often in the fastrack lanes but what's not so common, what this woman is about to do first she ignores the do not stop sign and stops then she unsnappes her seatbelt and exits the vehicle and looks for a place to pay bad idea this driver is also stopped at the toll booth and if look right here he has cash in hand but he also leaves the car looking for a place to pay he even tells the drivers behind him that there is no one there to take the his cash a bridge worker finally convinces he to return to his car a contuine on which is what you should do
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now that the bridge is all electronic, you don't need traditional money you fastrak transponder or you license plate will do even if you drive a rental car, there are ways to pay in advance or opt in for the rental company to bill you stopping in a toll booth is dangerours and could get you seriously injured this toll booths the one benefit i see from using a fastrack is it's a dollar cheaper they just using your plate one other thing, stopping on the shoulder could get you a ticket so i would avoid that like the plague i will be checking back form time to time to see if people are starting to get the hang of this but is history proves correct it's going to be a while >> do not stop at the all electronic golden gate bridge, stanley roberts-kron 4 news if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e- mail us at 'people behaving badly' at a 12 year old boy facing charges in his little sister's killing. neighborhood where familiesand the warriors
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keep on believing.gary radnich is in with highlights. [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for ann to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citi tablet apps. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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investigators have arrested the brother of an 8-year- old murder victim in calaveras county, california. leila fowler was stabbed to death in her home in late brianna keilar charges in his little this book dia a hero to all your own tahoea 15-year-old girl is still missing tonight. 8 message from mik >> this little girl and her brother in northern california. reported that the boy saw an intruder but then she later died.
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authorities released a description of the suspect. this small town of valley springs on edge as they searched for the killer. the family stood together at a candlelight vigil to remember her. >> does not want to thank all of the community and family, friends. with the support that you've given or family. it'll never before cotton. >> meanwhile, there are several unanswered questions. what happened on the our rest of the to of rolled of the 12-year-old boy. >> margarita chavez was first reported missing from her uncle's home in fremont a traveling with 30-year-old ryan griggs in a stolen pickup truck. the stolen truck is a white ford f-150 with a white camper shell and raisedat this time, police do not believe she was abducted but left voluntarily with griggs. chavez is described asnearly five feet tall with brown hair and eyes. griggs is caucasian.
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standing six feet two inches with blond hair and blue cat nip police in trenton, new jersey stormed into a home early morning ending a tense, three-day stand-off. officials say this man.identified as 38-year- old gerals tyrone murphy took three children hostage friday afternoon. the children are ages 18, 16 and 4.police say they were rescued from this home and survived the ordeal. but their mother--carmelita brother did not. the bodies of the victims were found this morning and officials say they were killed two weeks ago. officers first went to the reported carmelita stevens had not been heard from in weeks. the u.n. officers did not receive a response at the door there was a forced entrance. and they immediately smelled an odor.
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of the composition of a body. the is engaged him in conversation and learned that he hit three children. he did. he also stated that he was armed with a gun & explosives. >> authorities say three children held captive had been abused and assaulted. >> while people continue to recover from the deadly boston bombings one victim was at today's boston red sox game. heather abbott was in attendence to throw out the ceremonial first pitch. it was a red sox game on the day of the bombings that brought abbott to boston. afterwards she went to grab a bite to eat near the race finish line. then the bombs went off. abbott lost her left foot in the explosion. but today was a big moment for abbott on the road to recovery. the investigation into the bombing still continues. dzhokhar tsarnaev continues to recover in a prison hospital. while f-b-i agents remain in russia investigating what contact and influence extremists might have had with older brother tamerlan tsarnaev.
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i-r-s officials knew in 2011 that their employees were targeting conservative groups for additional scrutiny on tax documents. that's according to a new inspector general report expected out this week. athena jones has more on the growing controversy involving the tax agency. a new study shows that
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mothers tend to have success in talking to their adult children about financial planning than fathers. mothers tend to take on the role of the "empathizer" when discussing financial issues. sixty-four percent of mothers surveyed say it is "not at all difficult" to start a conversation with their child about savings and investments. 54-percent of fathers see themselves as the "pragmatist" when having financial conversations with their adult children.
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>> there was plenty of sunshine on this mother's day. this spectacular view. it is eventually going to go to the golden gate after midnight. right now, temperatures are still warm inland. campbell almost 70 degrees. the sea breeze is cooler with just upper 50s and 60s for tonight. gray skies state regulators have
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approved a plan to keep the waters of lake tahoe crystal clear. kron 4's charles clifford has details. for the past few decades scientists have been tracking a slow, but steady decline in the clarity of the water of lake tahoe. it has improved slightly in recent years, but it's still not as clear as it was before the land around the lake was developed. more than a dozen agencies from california, nevada and the federal government manage the tahoe basin and they've been working on a new plan to restore the lake's clarity. today, california's water approved that plan. the biggest threat to the is urban storm run off. basically when it rains, the water washes debris, chemicals, and pollutants off city streets and buildings and out into the lake. this new management plan looks to reduce or stop that contamination by applying tougher standards to new construction and redevelopment around the water among other things, the plan also looks to restore how tahoe and clean up contaminated ground water. the plan now faces one
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final hurdle, it still needs approval from the federal environmental protection agency. in the newsroom, charles clifford kron 4 news. national park this summer, forced federal spending cuts bite out of the budget ofthe national parks conservation association this year. that means longer lines at entrance gates, shorter visitor center hours, locked restrooms and overflowing trash cans. less security too - 760 officers of the u.s. parks police. have been forced to take furlough days. a big day for bay area ball teams. gary radnich is in tonight to run it all down for us. plus the weekend box numbers are in.we'll tell you which movies made it to the top.
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"iron man 3" flexed some more super hero muscle at the weekend box office.
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the blockbuster topped the charts for the second straight weekend in a row, with 72 point 5 million dollars in ticket sales. new release "the great gatsby" came in at number two. the modern adaptation of the classic american novel starring leonardo di caprio and tobey maguire brought in just over 51-million dollars. coming in a distant third."pain and gain" starring mark wahlberg and dwayne "the rock" johnson took in five million dollars. look at 'em.
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are several questions as if this could cause a headache? distractions? accident? but this is still in development. >> this was the view from the east bay hills. as to look towards san francisco this is a look at san francisco. hazy with dense fog. lots of places only in the 50s. even sea breezes as
8:47 pm
strong as 40 m.p.h.!. the bay and the coast. on tuesday. we could see that fog out early with more sunshine. thursday, the fog will return in the could be extensive. temperatures will drop as a result. with clear skies over california now over the pacific northwest which is unworthy north rainfall is. which is more that north of rainfall is with the sea breeze for the late date a worse. temperatures? warmest inland. light day warm. 60s along the coast. 60s/80s for
8:48 pm
the self-bay. your kron 4 7 day around the bay '70s and '80s for the north bay valleys. and as we take a look get their rest of the week a bit warmer. more fog temperatures will rebound for the weekend. it's a san franciscobay to breakers is coming sunday, may 19th. the fun. we'll have cameras and crews along the course -- giving you won't miss a step. we are now 7 days to this year's bay to breakers. sunday may 19th.
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you can also get headlines it's on comcast 193 and you can also watch it live on giants/braves pink bats and pink stitching on baseballs for mothers day bottom 3rd/ 1-0 giants pablo sandoval solo home run into mccovey cove for a splash hit 2-0 giants tim lincecum strikes out b.j. upton swinging 7 ip, 2 hits, 0 runs, 7 k's final: 5-1 giants a's/mariners the bases bottom 1st/ scoreless
8:50 pm
kendry morales 3-run home run off tommy milone 3-0 mariners final: 6-1 mariners tiger wins players
8:51 pm
>> they made so many points. it could never really separate ourselves. >> he was not 100 percent. and he said that he would give what he got. but he was not 100 percent. it was that spirit that refuses to quit. >> this is another game tomorrow. when you see something special now, they want the giants, the a's, the tiger woods highlights.
8:52 pm
championship tiger woods 16th hole woods from the bunker puts it within 2 feetof the hole he birdied to move to 13- under his score going into the clubhouse 17th "island" hole sergio garcia who accused tiger of deliberately distracting him during round three tied with tiger here but falls apart he hits
8:53 pm
into the water twice and quadruple bogeys the hole finished 6 shots back tiger celebrates the win and raises the trophy it's not one of the four majors but known as the "5th major" the players championship is his biggest win in years we'll take another look at todays big win by the warriors. and what the team and fans did to make it a special mothers day for all the moms out there. that story coming up next. during the warriors dramatic mothers day win the score mothers day greeting to all forward harrison barnes and his mom celebratingbarnes added that he was able to make it to todaysand finally this is a photoit shows all the moms out there celebrating mothers day in their warriors gold photos that you would like to share be sure to post them on our kron 4 news facebook page.
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the virgin group founder, richard branson, had his legs shaved, put on lipstick and squeezed into a red skirt to honor a bet. branson paid his off his bet by being a flight attendant to air-asia chief tony fernandes on a trip from australia to malaysia. branson lost a bet to tony fernandes in 2010 after they wagered that their formula one racing teams would finish ahead of each other. fernandes' team landed two spots above branson's. when asked how branson rates as an attendant.fernandes said he he was a one out of ten.
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met gala fashion hits and misses. kim kardashian compared to a couch. >> why is the media being so mean? she is pregnant. i'm brooke anderson. >> i'm rob marciano. >> wow, wow, wow, honey! >> j. lo's animal attraction, sarah jessica's mohawk. >> teaming up with vowing and kim's floral fiasco? >> i love fashion. >> mtv team mom turned adult film star. >> there is word you made $1 million? >> her only interview and why she doesn't want her sex tape compared to kim's. >> i don't agree with everything she's done in her life. >> et's oprah world exclusive.
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